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AI that understands and responds to  human emotion

Create personalized and engaging experiences based on the user’s emotional state in real-time.

Maaind's mission is to support individuals across all areas of life where they spend the most time
We build technology to help our users feel and perform better

Users Want Personalized Experiences

Currently, products and digital experiences rely on manual user input to adapt their content or feel. The future are neuroadaptive products, that seamlessly adapt based to the user’s emotional state. This is when truly engaging and personalized experiences are created.

Realtime State Detection

Our state-of-the-art AI can detect the user's mood and stress from their voice and heart rate and adapt your product interface in real-time, creating engaging and personalized wellbeing experiences.

more engaging recommendations

increase in mood induction

industry-leading accuracy

Maaind supports most major hardware and software platforms for input and output integrations


Our API easily integrates with many everyday devices and products and doesn't need any extra hardware. It seamlessly blends into the user's existing technologies and makes interfaces natural and empathic.

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Privacy layer

The foundational design principle for our platform is privacy-preserving. Feature extraction happens on device, and we never receive raw audio files. In that way, our models only processes how something was said but neither the AI nor us ever know what was being said.

Our Clients & Partners

Our clients are leading players across diverse industries, including automotive, health, and defense. Together, we are shaping innovation and pioneering the future.

Our Offering

We offer a platform and enabling services to co-create, develop, integrate and validate our industry-leading neuroadaptive AI models. They can be integrated in digital experiences, whether on the move, at work or at home, without the need for additional hardware.

Maaind works on responsible AI for human wellbeing

Neuroadaptive AI
Design Lab

We support our customers with design and development work to clarify the use cases for neuroadaptive AI within your products and services.

The Maaind Platform runs in a secure, scalable way in the cloud, ready for real-time usecases


Our AI-powered API that can detect mood and stress from voice and/or heart rate and can easily be integrated in any device.

We build state-of-the-art AI models based on existing and custom multi-modal datasets

Scientific Validation

Our NeuroLabs R&D team can validate the efficacy of a specific use case in real world conditions with state-of-the-art research grade facilities. 

Apply now for our
closed-beta launch waitlist

​We are now accepting applications for our exclusive Closed Beta program. Access the future of personalization and experience the power of Mood-as-a-Service.

Secure your place today.



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We will review and confirm acceptance within 7 days



Get access to the MaaS API and transform your user experience

About Us

We are Maaind, a world-class neuroscience and AI team, dedicated to creating responsible technology that deeply understands human emotion and behaviour.


Our mission is to improve the global state of wellbeing by bringing emotional intelligence to everyday products at scale.

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