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Neuroadaptive AI

Neuroadaptive AI is the cutting-edge frontier where neuroscience meets artificial intelligence. As a leader in bringing this technology to real world use cases, we are reshaping how we interact with products and services and improve wellbeing.


Understanding Human Experience

Human experience is inherently complex and multimodal. What we feel and experience can be highly individual, but there are also shared aspects common to all humans. We are all products of the same evolutionary process, and our brain and nervous system profoundly influence and inform all aspects of our behavior and experiences. Recent advancements in neuroscience and sensor technologies empower us not only to comprehend but also to map the invisible processes that drive our behavior, decision-making, and impact our well-being. Various external stimuli also play a pivotal role in shaping our experiences and regulating our stress levels, attention, emotions, and more.

Adapting to the
nervous system

Neuroadaptive AI is a cutting-edge technology that leverages realtime measurement of psychophysiology, insights from neuroscience and artificial intelligence to enhance performance of systems enabling realtime adaptation to users state of mind. Neuroadaptive systems are closed-loop systems designed to learn more effectively and to make adaptations to the user interface based on the measurement, monitoring and analyses of biomarkers from the nervous system.






Bringing neuroadaptive systems to real-life use cases

Through the utilization of neuroadaptive systems, we can create personalized experiences in our everyday environments. These intelligent systems have the capacity to tailor environments to achieve specific desired impacts on our well-being and cognitive state.

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