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Maaind is the leader in bringing neuroadaptive solutions from research to the real world at scale.

Our Vision

We envision a world where humans and technology thrive together. Where we can communicate not based on words, but on emotional and physiological states. Where technology seamlessly adapts to how we feel and support us in our wellbeing. With technology becoming more prevalent then ever, we need to ensure that technology understands and truly supports us

Leaders in Neuroadaptive AI

Maaind is a neurotechnology and AI company building the software infrastructure for hyper-personalization of experiences, enabling products and services that understand and adapt to the mood and stress levels of their users in real-time. Leveraging biometrics, behavioural and environmental data with AI, Maaind brings multi-modal sensing and adaptive experiences to a new level, being the first commercial company using neuroadaptive AI in consumer applications at scale.

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One vision.
Endless applications.

Creating wellbeing everywhere

On our mission to improve the global state of wellbeing, we chose to focus on applications at home, on the move or at work. By making our everyday products emotionally intelligent, we can improve wellbeing everywhere, at any time.

International Team & Clients

Started in London in 2019, Maaind now has a diverse team of engineers, neuroscientists, designers and academics. Our clients include public sector, small and global companies in automotive, insurance, smart home, wellbeing and other sectors in Europe, UK, US and Japan.


Our Clients & Partners

Our clients are leading players across diverse industries, including automotive, health, and defense. Together, we are shaping innovation and pioneering the future.

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