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Making Products and Experiences
Truly Seamless and Engaging

Maaind is dedicated to improving the global state of wellbeing. We believe that emotional intelligence is key to having rich interaction, and our platform makes it easy to integrate it into any usecase.



Maaind's neuroadaptive AI platform integrates into cars to support driver wellbeing, engagement, comfort, safety and entertainment. By detecting mood and stress levels and adapting the interior to match or nudge the user towards a desired state, the driver's experience is truly enhanced.
From temperature, seat position, route, music to lighting, anything can be adjusted since our platform is content-agnostic.

Driver Behind Wheel

Digital Health & Wellbeing Apps

We empower digital health and wellbeing apps to adjust to the user's state in real-time, enhancing engagement and effectiveness. This not only increases app usage but also increases wellbeing of the end-user, whether it’s a meditation app, an employee-wellbeing service or any other digital health app. Our Mood-as-a-Service API can integrate data from any wearable to monitor the user's physiological and psychological state over time, uses AI to personalize content based on these measurements in real-time, and enables seamless check-in functions that provide users with rich insights.



We support soldier and officer stress levels and moods, reducing error rates, improving training outcomes and reducing attrition (leaving the service), by intervening at the right time with breaks and breathing exercises and providing insights into which parts of training processes are most straining.

Soldier in Uniform
Working from Home
Working from Home

Smart Home, Gaming & Voice Assistants

Maaind's platform allows any appliances at home to adjust to the user's mood and stress levels, creating engaging and personalized experiences. Smart lights can adjust automatically, video games can recommend brakes at the right time or voice assistants can understand nuances in the user's requests.

Our Clients & Partners

Our clients are leading players across diverse industries, including automotive, health, and defense. Together, we are shaping innovation and pioneering the future.

Our Offering

We offer a platform and enabling services to co-create, develop, integrate and validate our industry-leading neuroadaptive AI models. They can be integrated in digital experiences, whether on the move, at work or at home, without the need for additional hardware.

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Neuroadaptive AI
Design Lab

We support our customers with design and development work to clarify the use cases for neuroadaptive AI within your products and services.



Our AI-powered API that can detect mood and stress from voice and/or heart rate and can easily be integrated in any device.

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Scientific Validation

Our NeuroLabs R&D team can validate the efficacy of a specific use case in real world conditions with state-of-the-art research grade facilities. 

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